Soundtrack released February 25, 2003

Who: From the very beginning, Smallville fans have been rallying for a Soundtrack CD. You asked for it, you got it! Remy Zero, Lifehouse, Eva Cassidy and other faves from past and upcoming episodes of Smallville are now all in one place.

What: If you love the songs of Smallville, then this CD is an absolute must-have. Not only does it give you the show's theme song, Remy Zero's "Save Me," but it also has some of the most buzzed-about songs from the first two seasons, including "Everything" by Lifehouse, "Superman" by Five for Fighting and "Time After Time" by Eva Cassidy.

Why You Care: Because this is the only place to get all of your favorite songs from Smallville without buying 12 different CDs.

More, More, More: If the great music wasn't enough for you, there are also tons of cool extras that you can only get on the CD. What are they, you ask? Well you'll just have to buy it and see. We'll just say that no true Smallville fan will want to miss it.

1. Remy Zero "Save Me," Smallville’s theme song
2. VonRay "Inside Out"
3. Weezer "Island in the Sun"
4. Five for Fighting "Superman" (It's Not Easy)
5. Ryan Adams "Nuclear"
6. Phantom Planet "Lonely Day"
7. The Flaming Lips "Fight Test"
8. Sixpence None The Richer "Don't Dream It's Over"
9. Steadman "Wave Goodbye"
10. AM Radio "I Just Wanna Be Loved"
11. Lifehouse "Everything"
12. Eva Cassidy (performing Cyndi Lauper’s) "Time After Time"

Additional content on the CD:
• one of three collectible trading cards -- Lana, Lex or Clark
• unlock online access to an area on for an interactive map of the town of Smallville
• unlock online access to the sold-out, first issue of DC Comics' Smallville comic book and a chapter of the upcoming DC Comics' Smallville novel
• music video of VonRay's "Inside Out" and Remy Zero's "Perfect Memory."